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Hello My Friends!

First things first, our family has expanded, by one, sort of!

Happy Valentine's Day from Rock Haven Farm.

My heart runneth over for this most amazing chicken, AKA "Georgia", AKA a dog in chicken's clothing. Is there really a chicken in the Sun Room Sandy? Just for a photo prop, right? Not exactly . . .

I didn't mean to come home with a chicken, it just sort of happened. I have a highlight saved on IG if you want to know the story. Let's just say she is the most amazing chicken of all the chickens in the land. I'm in love, my husband, not so much. Is she long for life on the farm, the final act has yet to be

written ...

Isn't her little voice just the cutest?


I've never been one to decorate a whole room for Valentine's Day, so I'm not sure what got into me this year. I think it's just a product of my new love affair with pink. The great thing about rooms grounded in neutral decor is that you can introduce almost any color and spread it around.

Valentine's Day decor in beautiful sun room at Rock Haven Farm, design by SSDesignHub

This room gets such amazing natural light throughout the day. When I added the color pink, the whole room just started to sing. Then when I married the color with a whole lot of texture in both pattern and touch, a full on symphony was written.

Georgia the chicken amongst Valentine's Day decor in beautiful sun room at Rock Haven Farm, design by SSDesignHub

It's Georgia approved. I've only had her a short time, but it's as if she's already learned that when I pick up that sun hat, it means two things: we're headed out to the court yard, AND, a tasty treat is on its way.

Valentine's Day decor in beautiful sun room at Rock Haven Farm, design by SSDesignHub; carrara marble, pink decor.

Rick and I spend so much time in this space that it just seemed natural to celebrate Valentine's Day in here too. I really appreciate that he enjoys me decorating til my heart's content. Rarely does he object to anything I bring into our rooms here at the farm. I'm so thankful. I decided to make him a Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen Original Recipe that I knew he would really love. The fastest way to this man's heart is by way of ice cream.


I Heart Ice Cream Pie, recipe from Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen at Rock Haven Farm, coffee ice cream, strawberry ice cream, fresh raspberries. How to make ice cream pie.

Add some coffee flavor to that cream and he's hooked.

Recipe for I Heart Ice Cream Pie from Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen at Rock Haven Farm

Truth is, we didn't wait until THE DAY to enjoy this so, so simple recipe. We just dug in quick and swift. A title wave of ooooh's and aaaawe's is almost all we managed to say until we were deep into the pie. The flavors and textures are palette fulfilling, and did I mention the graham cracker crust? Four simple, ordinary ingredients, but it was the perfect combination to go with both coffee and strawberry ice creams with a touch of fresh raspberries.

I like ice cream as well, but my all time favorite dessert is . . .

Table scape design by SSDesignHub at Rock Haven Farm; Tiramisu recipe for two.

Tiramisu! I think there is something so special about making a pint-sized version that is specifically made just for two, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to share it.

Tiramisu For Two, recipe from Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen at Rock Haven Farm

Tiramisu is my all-time favorite dessert. If I order a dessert in a restaurant, it's almost always this one. And I must say, this little intimate dessert for two is my favorite all time Tiramisu. It's a MUST TRY! If not for Valentine's Day, an anniversary would be a great time too!

If you'd like to enjoy it too, you can find the recipe HERE.

If you've missed some of my recipes, and you're wondering what's been cooking, you can find them all HERE.

Heart ice cream pie recipe and Tiramisu for Two recipe from Rock Haven Farm.

As I'm sure you know, ice cream pie is so easy to make that it's the perfect dessert to change out the flavors and colors for any holiday or special occasion. I'm already envisioning my ice cream pie for the Memorial Day holiday at the lake! California drought permitting.

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read my post. I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day with the ones you love!

Also, thank you to those who participated in my Clay Cooking Pot give-away. Four of you have a pot on the way to you courtesy of Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen.

Sweet vibes alive with hearts and passion, and PINK!

Love, Sandy

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Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen original recipe for Tiramisu For Two

Recipe for I Heart Ice Cream Pie from Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen at Rock Haven Farm


Hi, I'm Sandy Sheldon -  welcome to my HUB at Rock Haven Farm - the place where I share all of my creative passions. I love having this space to virtually open my door and share, and to meet people from all over the country.


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