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"Hi Sandy , just want to send you a note and thank you for an amazing night ..I don't think I will ever see a birthday party that could top that one. Love the house and all the designs you created..just awesome.. and the music room too. The whole night was amazing and a great memory for me. One I will always cherish....." T.

Hello Fabulous Farmers!

We did it. We finally had a big shin-dig at the farm. And my oh my, it was a good one! Mrs. Colonial and the Taj Ma Garage were filled with the sights and sounds of laughter and music.

Beautiful Colonial mansion, Mrs. Colonial, at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Rick's 60th Birthday Bash at Rock Haven Farm

I'll set the scene. Saturday July 29th, 5:30 p.m., 85 degree day, cocktails and Hors D'Oeuvres at Mrs. Colonial, dinner in front of the Taj Ma Garage, music and dancing til after midnight in the Taj. Theme: "Cars & Guitars". Just under 100 of some of our most precious family and friends arrived, greeted with the sound of pre-war Dixieland Jazz. The music was so fitting for Mrs. Colonial's portico, and it quickly set a lively theme as it followed guests through the house and out into the courtyard.

Party guests on the porch at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

A brief stop in the foyer was in order. Florals provided by M Designs Floral and Events, Santa Rosa.

Beautiful neutral living room in Mrs. Colonial at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

And then a short stroll into the living room before . . .

Beautiful garden view at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

. . . exiting through the French doors to the courtyard.

Party guests around the natural pool at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

I had the idea of having a live mermaid swimming in the pool as guests lingered and enjoyed all things natural pool, however, the idea was fleeting because Rick nixed it almost immediately, ha ha. I still think it would have been fun! What do you think? Next event?

Beautiful gardens at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

After two years of California drought under our belts, followed by a very wet winter, it was quite challenging to get the gardens in order. I worked tirelessly for months, with the assistance of Geared for Growing, to get the gardens in top shape.

Signature cocktails for 60th Birthday Bash at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Signature cocktails, the Sidecar and the Leo, were a huge hit and fit so perfectly with the "cars & guitars" theme, and for Rick who is a Leo.

Hors D'Oeuvres by Park Avenue Catering for Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Hors D'Oeuvres provided by Park Avenue Catering.

Party guests in the beautiful living room at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Mrs. Colonial embraced everyone who entered and cloaked them in her magic.

"Wanted to thank you for a spectacular party last night. We had a marvelous time. Sandy did an amazing job, the house, the grounds, the people, the music. All even better than advertised."

After cocktails, we all headed to the Taj Ma Garage for dinner.

Beautiful event space at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

From very early on in the process of planning this party, I enlisted help from Carly Saber Events. Carly was so fun and easy to work with. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone looking to host an event.

To bring the party up a level and to coordinate with Rick's Taj Ma Garage (his private living space where exotic cars are invited in) we set our theme of "Cars and Guitars" which encompasses two of Rick's passions - driving race cars, and his love of music and playing guitar in rock bands.

All rentals via. Bright Event Rentals. Floral centerpieces from Gather & Kin. All signage via. Blushtype.

Beautiful floral centerpiece by Gather & Kin for Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa. CA

Beautiful table setting by Carly Saber Events for Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Trefethen wines and Park Avenue Catering for event at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Wine: Trefethen Family Vineyards. Food: Park Avenue Catering

We were so honored that Trefethen Family Vineyards supplied all the wine and champagne for our event. Their wines are Rick's absolute favorites. Not only do we love their wines, but we're so proud to call them our friends. Their contribution made Rick's party even more special for him.

Rick Sheldon gets toasted during 60th Birthday Bash at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

We had some really great toasts to Rick during dinner. They were all so meaningful, and yet a little funny too!

Taj Ma Garage, an entertainment space at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa.

The garage was set, and more fun was on the horizon. The checkered dance floor fit the theme perfectly.

Taj Ma Garage even space lounge at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

The exotic cars were removed and replaced with lounge furniture that hit the mark. It was such a comfortable grouping that made it a popular spot throughout the evening.

The Taj Ma Garage  stage at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Guitar art by: DeannArt

The stage was set and the musicians were ready to begin, but . . .

. . . if you know Rick well, you know he loves to talk a lot, and I mean a lot, a LOT!

Rick and Santa Sheldon at 60th Birthday Bash at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

I wanted this party to be very special for him, so I knew I needed to honor the person, father, husband, mentor, and friend that he is to so many. I gave a speech that literally shook him up and left him momentarily speechless. Who knew it could be done?

"Thank you for sharing your celebration with us . . . You absolutely slayed Little Wing and the Nugent songs . . . For someone who doesn't do public speaking, Sandy's dedication to you before we played was touching and breathtaking. What a night!"

What is a birthday celebration without a cake? I didn't want to find out.

Beautiful guitar cake by Flour & Bloom for 60th Birthday Bash at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Amazing custom cake provided by Flour & Bloom to match Rick's guitar.

I mean, just look at the detail. They hit the design out of the park with this one. And, it was delicious too!

Cookies and cupcakes by Mapi's Cakes for Rock Haven Farm

Cookies and cupcakes provided by: Mapi's Cakes

It was finally time to let loose and let the music soar.

Cellar Rats performing at the Taj Ma Garage at Rock Haven Farm, Santa Rosa, CA

Rick's bandmates from Washington came down to join us to do what they love: play rock music and bring a ton of enjoyment to guests.

We were so happy to have Bruce and Rich, but we had an "oh no" moment. Just weeks prior to the event, the lead singer, Jeff, had a medical emergency. He was out! Before we could really panic, musicians stepped up and came to our rescue which made the whole evening even more special.

Two such people are our long time friends Damon and Rob. We hadn't seen Damon since the early 1980's, however, it was almost as if time never happened. We picked up right where we left off. His lyrical rich, tenor voice blanketed the garage in an amazing way. Rob, Rick's college roommate, leant his beautiful guitar playing. It was all so very special.

Here's a little slice of what we enjoyed that evening.

I could go on and on about how much fun the party was. Instead, I'll just say it in photos.