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Mrs. Colonial Dressed For The Holidays

Hello My Friends!

Mrs. Colonial's interiors have been sprinkled with traditional holiday cheer and I'm taking you on a tour!

I'm really excited for the holidays this year. It's the first season we get to fully host in Mrs. Colonial. She's been renovated for years (I can't believe I'm saying that, time has flown by) but, since the project ended during lock-downs due to Covid, we haven't been able to open our doors and share her with all her glitz and traditional Christmas glamour, until now.

I was planning to take it slow and steady and only decorate the great room this year, however, she's such a gem to toss around holiday cheer in, that once I got started, I just kept going.

Glossy black powder bath at Rock Haven Farm decorated with traditional Christmas decor.

This little black jewel box of a powder room was the perfect place to bring in traditional Christmas red and all the sparkle. The black glossy walls are almost like a mirror and reflect the shimmer which brings in a magical quality to the space.

Glossy black powder bath at Rock Haven Farm decorated with traditional Christmas decor.

This Ann Sacks floor tile is one of my most favorite elements I chose for finishes during the renovation, and it brings so much visual texture lending a great foundation for all the glitz and shine.

Glossy black powder bath at Rock Haven Farm decorated with traditional Christmas decor.

Once I was done with all my decorating, I had a few ornaments left over. These Mirrored Globe Sconces from Shades of Light with their leaves lended the perfect place to bring in a little bit more Christmas whimsy. It's almost as if the little bird flew in and perched itself to see his reflection in the mirrored ornament.

The foyer at Rock Haven Farm dressed for the holidays with traditional holiday decor.

More glitz and glamour made its way to the foyer including my love for Christmas trees. I must have close to a hundred, and these mirrored chests were the perfect place to display a few.

Glossy black circular staircase at Rock Haven Farm decorated with traditional holiday decor.

Santa was outside last year but this year he's taking up his post enveloped in the curve of the staircase. Have I ever told you how much I love this spiral staircase slathered in black paint. It makes decorating for any holiday a little extra special.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been spending a lot of time in the snowy mountains getting our Northstar home ready for the short-term rental market. During one particular visit, I found a set of four discarded dining chairs at the HOA trash site.

Over the last couple of months, I had been on the hunt for small chairs that would allow me to pack more people around our Christmas table, however, I came up empty. These chairs weren't exactly what I had in mind either, but I immediately knew someone else's trash could become my treasure with a little tweaking.

Trash to Treasure chair makeover.

Once I removed the vinyl seats, each chair got a good cleaning. Next, I simply gave each chair a coat of black paint. They immediately began to take on a new life.

To bring the chairs full circle and to allow them to achieve Mrs. Colonial status, I reupholstered each seat. TIP: It's much more economical to use fabric table cloths than it is to purchase yards of fabric. These black and white cloths I found at Home Goods were the perfect addition to make these chairs coordinate perfectly with every room inside Mrs. Colonial.

Black and neutral dining room and chairs at Rock Haven Farm dressed for the holidays.

I was so thrilled when I brought the chairs in and realized they were the perfect dining chair choice. They are petite, very sturdy and comfortable, and they coordinated perfectly with the other elements in our dining space. And the best part, they were free.

Black and white dining room at Rock Haven Farm dressed with traditional holiday decor.

The only other thing I'd like to add to each chair is a gold or silver monogram on the back. They are currently too plain for my liking and I think a monogram would solve that issue and even bring them up a notch on the elegance meter.

Green wet bar at Rock Haven Farm dressed for the holidays.

It turns out a green bar in the great room is so, so perfect for the holidays. I added just a few seasonal touches and it turned it into such a gem in the room. The antique mirror cast a beautiful reflection of the Christmas tree which was so beautiful.

With both the dining table and the bar styled and functional for Christmas, I turned my attention to the fireplace.

Fireplace at Rock Haven Farm dressed with holiday decor.

Fireplace at Rock Haven Farm dressed with holiday decor.

I have such a love for Christmas Trees and the mantle was the perfect place to display a few from my collection. I bought nothing new for this elevation this year. I simply used what I've had and have loved for years.

Neutral Christmas Tree decoration at Rock Haven Farm.

And last but not least, the star of the show, this faux flocked tree dressed with neutral ornaments and decor with a few touches of green, gold, and silver to coordinate beautifully with the rest of the room.

What started out as a desire to bring simple seasonal touches to a single room this year, quickly morphed into a Christmas explosion is almost every room down stairs. One could say our house was truly alive with the site and sounds of Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a heavenly dose of family all gathered around our Christmas table, lounging on Trash to Treasure chairs and feasting on recipes from Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen.

Turkey stuffing recipe from Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen at Rock Haven Farm.

If you're looking for a new stuffing recipe, Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen recipe for Turkey Stuffing is quick and easy and so, so scrumptious. Give it a try, your guests will always come back for seconds!

I hope you've enjoyed this brief tour of Mrs. Colonial dressed for the holidays, and that you find joy and love with dear friends and family this holiday season.

I'm excited for what's in store for 2023.

SSDesignHub at Rock Haven Farm.

I'm venturing out and bringing SSDesignHub flair to client spaces beginning with a small local kitchen remodel. I'm also looking for the perfect property to renovate in Healdsburg, CA, that I can give the SSDesign treatment and use it to expand my new STR business. Whatever is in store, I will be sure and share everything I can.

Goodbye for now my friends, Happy Holidays!




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