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Master Bedroom celebrated with Finishing Touches

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was our master bedroom. While our main renovation/construction project was completed some time ago, many spaces here at the farm have been without their finishing touches. With that in mind, I set out to bring the magic to our master.

As many of you know, during construction we added a whole wing addition. For those who are new here, you can read all about why we added it HERE. The addition consists of an office, mechanical room, his and her closets, master bath, laundry closet, bedroom, and exercise room. Today, I'm showing you the bedroom. My husband and I love it, I hope you do too.

This post is all about the final result, but to give you a glimpse into the stress involved in getting to the finish line, below are a couple of "during construction" photos.

Home renovation project at Rock Haven Farm, design by SSDesignHub

Home renovation project at Rock Haven Farm, design by SSDesignHub

Luckily, now it's all just water under the bridge, so to speak.

I knew very early on in the architectural design process that I wanted the bedroom to have a high ceiling, lots of natural light, French doors to a future pool and spa, hardwood floors, plenty of millwork, and for it to be a soothing and restful space.

Like most of the other rooms in the house, I gathered inspiration photos to help guide me through my process of designing. The photo above was my leading inspiration for the master bedroom. I loved the neutral palette with black accents, the four poster bed, the element of gold as seen here in the mirror, and the accent wall with all the millwork.

With a budget way over where we had believed it would be, I limited the wall molding to the bed wall to create a focal point.

I feel like I am innately a person who loves color, so to design a whole home interior to be mostly neutral was a stretch for me. Although, that was exactly what I had planned to do. However, during the renovation process, I veered back once or twice to the colorful side.

Thus this beautiful shade of green on the master bed wall.

I also had a vision of having this wallpaper installed in the tray ceiling. However, when I went to order it, it was no longer available. I couldn't find a single other wallpaper I loved as much and that would compliment the green wall as I had envisioned.

Ultimately, I panicked and headed back to the neutral side. I knew if I stuck with my original vision it would be safer, and the room would coordinate nicely with the finishes I chose for the master bathroom.

Beautiful bedroom reveal, design by SSDesignHub at Rock Haven Farm; bed by The Beautiful Bed Co., DIY art