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My Northern Home E-Magazine - Fall Edition

Hello My Friends,

The latest edition of my passion project, My Northern Home E-Magazine, is out and I couldn't be more pleased with it. I loved creating the magazine pages just as much as I enjoyed creating the rooms showcased on the pages. When I was born my parents should have given me "create" as my middle name because it's the single best thing I love to do.

It was fun to look back at what the house looked like when we bought it. We've had a few people look at the "before" photos and wonder why we remodeled. Will you be one of them? I wouldn't mind. I love to hear people's thoughts.

In the magazine, I'll take you through and show you what I didn't like and how I changed it. Below is a page from the magazine that contains the inspiration photo that started the whole process.

I absolutely loved this inspiration the moment I saw it on Pinterest.

I also share some tips I employed during the remodel.

When I renovate a home, I love to alter floor plans to accommodate how a home will be lived in. This home was no exception. I took the original dining room and turned it into a family room with a

TV and a sectional large enough for everyone to pile on. The only downside is that there is always an abundance of wildlife frolicking outside the glass that, at times, distracts you from the telly. Although, it's not really a problem, I look at it as you get two shows for the price of one!

Speaking of altering floor plans, when we bought this home it was meant to be our forever family home. No matter what part of the world we each ended up in over time, this mountain home was the place we could always and forever return to as a family. It was where the grand kids would learn to ski and spend the holidays. So removing a dining room was an easy choice for the way our family would use the home. It functioned perfectly for us. However, my husband decided over a year ago that he wanted to sell the home. He felt like he was just done with it, done with the mountains, done with skiing, and done with the upkeep and cost of maintaining it. None of the rest of the family were on board. In fact, my love for this home had only grown over time. Needlesstosay, a lot of discussions took place. He went full steam ahead and he brought a realtor on board, and it was in the 11th hour that, right before it was going to be officially put on the market, I dug my heals in. I was heartsick over losing this family home. Ultimately, we decided to compromise and, thus the reason we're entering it into the short-term rental market. I was really apprehensive at first. Did we really want someone else living in it? After all, I'm a germaphobe! Although, since making the decision, I've done a 360. I'm really excited about opening it up to guests. I have always wanted to renovate a home to flip or rent out, so I did a little mind flip. I can start with this one and share a truly beautiful home with others and let them enjoy all the things we love most about it. Hopefully, they won't miss the dining room either?

I've been working really hard to get it ready for the short-term rental market. I had no idea all of what was involved, i.e., multiple inspections, multiple licensing, repairs, and even furniture modifications, etc. I'm happy to say, I'm almost there. I'm at the mercy of some trades people and their schedules for some repairs that need to be done, but I should have it on the market before the holidays. Hooray!

You can use this LINK to view my magazine, or you can go to my website and view it from the front page HERE. It's in a flip book format so it's best viewed from a desk top or other large screen.

I'll be putting the finishing touches on the house over the next few weeks (I have a crane coming in to carry a new spa over the top of the house to drop it in the side yard) and I'll share it on my Instagram.

I hope you enjoy perusing My Northern Home E-Magazine. In addition to this cozy abode, there is also a guide all about the "Element of Engagement" in interior design as it relates to foyers. Enjoy!



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