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New Outdoor Seating Area Reveal

Does the world just seem to get crazier, or is it just me?

The new seating area at Rock Haven Farm is revealed.

I feel like this is definitely a time to pull our families closer and distract ourselves from the mayhem seeming to unfold around us.

Hello Farmers and welcome to Mrs. Colonial on this beautiful Sunday morning!

With distraction on my mind, this past week I set out to create a new seating area right outside our great room in the back courtyard.

This South facing space can get very hot during a summer day, however, once the sun goes down behind the new master wing addition and the hillside, it's perfection! And given that it's situated in the corner between two exterior walls, it's such a protected, quiet space. It almost feels like the you can shut out the world.

When I set out to design this new seating area, my goals were to:

  1. Make it comfortable.

  2. Ensure it was functional for multiple people to enjoy.

  3. Of course, make it pretty to enhance the courtyard.

  4. Stay within a reasonable budget.

  5. Prove to my husband we needed one more seating area! Ha ha.

If you've been trying to order home furnishings, you know the delays due to Covid are long. I waited over five months to receive all the items in my Pottery Barn order, however, as soon as the new coffee table arrived, I quickly got started creating the new space to ensure we still had an abundance of time to enjoy it before the weather change.

If you follow me on Instagram at @SSDesignHub you've already seen this video.

Putting this seating area together was almost just as quick as the video.

The new seating area at is revealed.

I couldn't be more happy with the result. This previously un-used corner is now the place you want to be. Its location is so convenient right outside the French doors from both the bedroom addition and the great room. And being that it is only steps away from the wet bar, I know it will become one of our favorite places to entertain.

I started off putting this space together by installing the candle sconces. I originally purchased them quite a while ago to use in the interior, however, I changed my mind and they never got installed. A few months ago when I was contemplating putting this area together, I decided they would be the perfect additions.

Seating area reveal designed by SSDesignHub at

Once I put the slip-covered sofa and marble table in place, it was just a matter of bringing in the layers. Luckily, we can enjoy our outdoor spaces here in California well into October, so this was an opportunity to bring in my first hints of Fall. I started the color scheme with the throw pillows.

Outdoor seating area styled for Fall.

While this space can get hot during the day, evenings in early Fall can be chilly. I brought in blankets to make sure everyone is comfortable, and to support the color palette and to introduce both physical and visual texture.

Outdoor seating area at styled for Fall.

No outdoor space is complete without plant material. I used plants to support the color palette, to bring the "life" to the space, and to tie this area in with the landscape. I used faux greenery wreaths at the sconces with a candle in the middle. The candlelight in the evening elevates the vignette and brings in a touch of elegance and romance.