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During our first visit to this property, I was struck by the grandfather clock in the foyer. I didn't know why, only that I was somehow drawn to it. Leading up to the close of escrow, the trustees, the grandchildren of the original owners Mercy and Grover, were removing only the contents they wanted. I tried to get them to leave the clock but I was unsuccessful. On the day we took possession, the house was a disaster. None of the "junk" was removed, and the trustees were still on site loading things up. As my husband and I walked room to room with our realtor, I noticed the clock was still in the foyer, I assumed they just hadn't loaded it up yet. I didn't even notice the big red bow on the top. I was so surprised to learn that my husband had negotiated behind the scenes to retain the clock, it was ours, and it would stay in the house. 

Several months later, my husband and I were at a memorial service for his good friend who had tragically and unexpectedly passed away. We met many new people. Unbelievably, we met Mercy, a great granddaughter of the original owners! One of the first things she asked after learning we were the ones who bought the house, was what happened to the clock. She said that the clock was the most important piece to Grover and, if he knew it was saved, he would be so happy and relieved that it stayed in the house. I had always believed there was a magic here on these acres and in this house, and that day I felt it like never before.

I feel strongly that the style and finish of the clock do not work with the new aesthetic of the interiors. I'm planning on refinishing it. I only wonder what Grover would think?

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