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Awesome Blossoms at the farm

Spring is in full bloom at Rock Haven Farm.

Happy Sunday Farmers!

Like so many of you I'm sure, I'm absolutely in my element in Spring. The burst of new life, the scent of roses opening, and winter's incubated life waiting to pop out in nests and dens gets me so excited. Here at the farm, with nature and wildlife all around, it seems even more apparent that we're on the brink of mid Spring's surge of growth.

I'm so ready for it and the excitement is helping me shed the post traumatic renovation disorder, is that a thing? (If you read my "about" tab here on the blog you understand.) Was it all worth it? If you'd asked me months ago I may have struggled to answer, however, now it's a very resounding "YES"! I feel like I'm holding the baby after a very bad pregnancy and delivery. She's not perfect, but she has all her wooden fingers and toes. The project stress is all just a memory, well pretty much.

Iris flower at Rock Haven Farm.

Some people are like flowers, they just naturally make you feel good! Several months ago when I was at the lowest of renovation lows, we finally sold our previous home. We were on full pandemic lock down, so going to the title company wasn't a possibility at the time. An agent came to us. When she walked in Mrs. Colonial she exclaimed, "WOW, this is the most beautiful home I've ever seen. I feel like I just walked into a magazine." I almost cried right then and there. We sat down in the great room to get started with the paperwork, and she paused, looked around, and said, "I didn't know why you wanted to sell your beautiful home, but now I understand. I would rather live here than ANYWHERE!" She had no idea how much her words meant to me that day. It was then that I realized I was probably the only one seeing the mistakes and flaws, and that what really mattered was that Mrs. Colonial's new spirit was born. I was a proud mama.

Lilly flower at

Some flowers look like they could almost be wings from an angel. I'm just going to believe it's true. Many unbelievable things happened during our renovation project, and if you read the "dedication" tab above, you know one experience in particular was quite devastating. I haven't forgotten you my "dream maker".

Beautiful pink roses at

If you were with me in the beginning of this journey, you may remember the very small, very dirty, very pink kitchen. Ok, for those of you who are new here, and at the risk of ruining the good vibes generated by these photos of beautiful flowers, below is a picture of the kitchen before.

And below is a photo the crew took of the same wall when it was still a job site.

Kitchen renovation by SSDesignHub at

I love to design a kitchen, and I'm looking forward to sharing what was in my mind behind the design when I created this one.

Here's another little peek of the adjacent wall.

Beautiful kitchen reveal, SSDesignHub at

Traditional with a twist. I'll explain more when I do a full kitchen design reveal.

Pink and white rose bush at

Our new interiors are white and black with a sprinkling of green . . .

Beautiful guest suite by SSDesignHub at

and just a touch of pink. This guest room is one of my favorites.

Yellow rose bush at

I love a yellow rose.

Beautiful sunroom design by SSDesignHub at

Or a tulip. And I especially love them in our sunroom, the room we use the most. Whether it's cloudy or sunny, this room is so inviting.

Did you see my Instagram story this past week about the wild onions we just found on the farm?

Wild onion plant at