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A Foraged Table scape Dressed for Fall

Hello beautiful "Farmers",

I had no idea when I woke up this morning that I would be writing a blog post. As I roamed the house at morning's first light, and as I realized the holiday weekend would soon come to a close, I was immediately struck with a sense of how intensely thankful I am after a simple and small Thanksgiving celebration.

Mixed metal table settings.

The pandemic began before our home renovation concluded, and I feel like we haven't been able to really, fully enjoy sharing the fruits of our labor. Honestly, it has felt very odd, and frankly a little sad, to not be able to celebrate and share this special place with everyone by just opening the front door to all. I thought this holiday season was going to be the time, the moment I could just let her shine. Invite a crowd to celebrate and bask together in the magic of Mrs. Colonial.

Fall table scape; holiday decorating.

When I learned it wasn't in the cards for yet another season, I turned my attention to what is truly the most important, and that is simply to enjoy the people I love the most. To make our little celebration special, I headed out onto the property to the smorgasbord of beauty that nature has so deliciously served.

To set my sights on creating a table as beautiful and special as those that would soon be nestled around.

Using nothing borrowed, nothing new, just some plain and ordinary table scape staples, some sentimental stemware and family silver, mixed with my bounty of foraged florals from the acres that abound.

Fall table scape; holiday decorating.

I created a moment and brought it together by doing what I absolutely love to do, and that is to create beauty out of the ordinary.

Fall table scape; holiday decorating.

Like almost every room in the house, I mixed metals, the silver with gold, and the relatively modern with the very old.

Fall table scape; holiday decorating.

The large, old windows invite the landscape outside to mingle with the nature-scape I created within. I only wish my photos could translate just how special and soothing this light filled space feels.

Fall table scape; holiday decorating; foraged table scape.

The two birds in one of my favorite old paintings look so at home at the end of the table. It's almost as if their presence extends the scene right up the wall.

Beautiful doe at Rock Haven Farm in Santa Rosa, CA.

And this loveliness is who greeted me during my adventure to retrieve my foraged bounty.

I feel like I'm a NATURE-al girl living exactly where I'm meant to be. No other house in my entire life has truly ever made me feel so perfectly at home.

And no other property will ever provide a more exquisite view, one which leaves anyone and everyone feeling inspired and renewed.

Fall table scape; holiday decorating; Thankful.

I set out contemplating this season by thinking I wanted to entertain a crowd. In the end, it was absolutely and perfectly enough to have only our daughter Sophia and her boyfriend Blaine, and our son Vaughan here with us. Five of us around a foraged table, in the middle of acres of bliss, playing all things cards and games, walking on beautiful trails to coffee, going on a car rally, laughing, and eating ourselves silly with a Thanksgiving meal, was all truly enough!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of Thanksgiving at the farm, and that you all had your own version of a holiday that was fulfilling and satisfyingly enough!

With love,



Hi, I'm Sandy Sheldon -  welcome to my HUB at Rock Haven Farm - the place where I share all of my creative passions. I love having this space to virtually open my door and share, and to meet people from all over the country.


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