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How Our Quest for Rock Haven Farm Began!

Hello, Rock Haven readers!

A few years ago my husband and I were discussing the idea, that in a relatively short amount of time, we would be empty nesters. While we were a little sad at the idea of our kids leaving, we also decided it was an exciting adventure we looked forward to. We talked about how much we love the old Colonial we’ve lived in for the past 14 years, but agreed the location was not ideal (loud traffic and barking dogs). At the time, we said we wished we could just “pick it up and move it”, and shrink it in size. Little did we know, we wouldn’t have to...


Fast forward to early Spring 2016. I was doing my usual property search (I routinely do this because I’m CRAZY about anything homes and land) and to my amazement, I came across this beautiful land with a dilapidated Colonial (I had to take a double take because it looked just like our current house but smaller), and a caretaker’s cottage. The amazing part is this property is only about a mile from where we currently live. We had no idea it existed because it’s hidden on a gem of a property on top of a ridge secluded by trees. The doubly amazing thing is that one of my favorite walking trails is just steps out the back door.

I walk this stretch of trail almost every week, but I had no idea the house was there because it’s so well hidden. My husband and I both agreed it was way more acreage than we wanted, and that the total project would take years to renovate, but I couldn’t shake my fascination. I contacted our real estate agent to set up a visit. I think I started the conversation off by saying: “you’re going to think we’re nuts”, and that we didn’t want to waste her time on what would surely be out of our realm. However, at our first official visit to the property, I decided right then and there it must be destiny! This property needed saving, and I was the right person to do it.

So now you know how my love affair with a house began. I’m excited to have you along on my adventure to create Rock Haven Farm, and I hope you stay tuned for the good, the bad, and the ugly in photos coming soon!

Sandy Sheldon

Hi, I'm Sandy Sheldon -  welcome to my HUB at Rock Haven Farm - the place where I share all of my creative passions. I love having this space to virtually open my door and share, and to meet people from all over the country.


For the day-to-day you can find me on Instagram at @RockHavenFarm_


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