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Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen recipe: Wealthfully Healthy Almond Pancakes. Out with the white flour and processed white sugar, there's a new pancake in town. If you're the kind of person who enjoys starting off your day with gastronomic wealth, this recipe is for you. It's proof both healthy and tasty can be consumed at the same time.  These little pancakes are loaded with flavor and boast an earthy flair. You wouldn't ordinarily equate mushrooms with breakfast pancakes, but in this instance they are fabulous, bringing both wonderful flavor and a wealth of vitamins and nutrients. They're the perfect brunch pancake doused with pure maple syrup and served with berries and other healthy sides. And, if you have an abundance of lemons in the garden like I do, a dollop of lemon curd is amazing on top! Enjoy!

Wealthfully Healthy Almond Pancakes.jpeg

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