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Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen recipe: Tiramisu For Two. This intimate little dessert for two is a MUST MAKE recipe. It's the perfect combination of brandy, coffee, and mascarpone that are so satisfying. I chose to use Savoiardi ladyfingers. They are on the crunchy side, more like a Biscotti, with a lightly sugared top side. They soak up the coffee really well without absorbing too much, and they're more decorative than the typical store bought variety which lends them well to using a portion exposed to form the top ring. 

If you're a lover of Tiramisu like I am you need to try this recipe. It won't disappoint, in fact, it will make you never want to try any other Tiramisu recipe - you'll feel compelled to just stick with the best!

To elevate the presentation adequate for the luscious flavor, use a special dish like I did. Hunting in your local antique shop for the perfect piece would be a fun way to make using this recipe the first time a little special. Also, you could use your antique find to bring your dessert to a friends house, and leave the beautiful dish with them as a special gift. Enjoy!

Tiramisu For Two recipe.jpeg

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