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PART TWO of My Quest for the Pampered Guest

It takes a little extra something to create a space that inspires your guests to shed the stresses of their everyday life, and to make them feel like they've just won the lottery of special attention. The room I’m showing you today at the farm may require an act of divine intervention!

Hello, and Happy Sunday Farmers!

I’m excited to take you on a design inspiration field trip with me today. However, before we hit the road, I’d like to show you Rock Haven’s second master suite upstairs. Don't get too excited, and certainly don’t pack your bags yet.

This must have been the original owner Mercy’s interpretation of promising someone a rose garden!

The only thing that’s growing in here now is the amount of fertilizer by way of dirt in the carpet! It doesn’t take a master gardener to know this garden is past its prime. So, I’m going to plow the whole thing under and plant new seeds for a beautiful bouquet of guest suite awesomeness!

I'm leaning toward something like this. I love the textural layers of the bedding and the warmth of the wood against a fresh wall color with a saturated trim color over head.

Just like the other master I showed you last week, this one has its own dressing room.

The attached bath already has a good dose of B & B, boring and visually bankrupt, that is. With this bathroom, there is definitely no doubt I will tear it out.

My goal here at the farm is to create beautiful guest rooms to pamper our guests and to make them feel like they’ve landed somewhere special. With that in mind, I decided to go straight to the experts for inspiration and advice.

Welcome to the Tallman Hotel: Lake County, California’s premier boutique hotel.

When I first visited this hotel four years ago, I knew immediately it was something special. I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some high-end hotels over the years, but for me, just an easy one-and-a-half hour drive from home was all I needed to immerse myself in pure charm. The Tallman Hotel has the “it” factor thanks to designer Candra Scott who was hired to restore the hotel to period perfection. I recently had the privilege of a personal tour. Our first stop was at this lovely guest room. It exudes casual, comfortable elegance and attention to every detail.

Upon entering this room you immediately feel like you’ve been transported to somewhere tranquil and relaxing.

This bathroom has a wonderful mix of materials and textures, and the paint color is warm and inviting.


A relaxing palette of powder blue, soft greens, yellows and browns was used in all 17 guest rooms so each room could relate to the local landscape. The same colors appear in Lake County's marsh grasses, bird's eggs, and beautiful Clear Lake itself. It all results in restful and restorative guest rooms that slow dance with the landscape outside. That’s something I will keep in mind when designing my spaces at Rock Haven Farm.


Once I had my brain planted with plenty of design ideas, my goal was to find out what the hotel’s secret is to having their guests speak so highly of their stay. According to the hotel’s James Butler and Shannon Davidson, it’s really all about the details: the plush terrycloth robes, the perfectly plumped pillows, expertly made beds, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS have fresh flowers in each room, to name a few. They also said it’s about understanding your guests and getting information before they arrive: Why are they there? Do they have any special requirements during their stay? Once you have that information, you can give their room special touches unique to their visit.


1. Comfortable bedding.

2. Basket of necessities - toothpaste-toothbrush-hairdryer-lotion-scissors, etc.

3. Provide a robe with a "freshly laundered' tag.

4. A carafe or bottle of water.

5. Lamp or sconce perfect for reading.

6. Reading material.

7. In-room coffee machine for some alone time before heading down stairs.

8. Sweet treat and snack.

9. Comfortable desk/chair and WIFI password/plug.

10. TV

11. Lighted clock.

To bring one of these personal elements to my guest rooms, I will go back to my treasure of books found on the farm. I’ll make sure my rooms have plenty of reading material via interesting, old books, and for that one special guest, this one will be in his room:

You know who you are!

If I’ve inspired you to stay at the Tallman Hotel, I encourage you to get a bite to eat at Blue Wing Saloon. It's a fully restored 1880’s restaurant next door where I enjoyed a great meal served by wonderful staff.

Before I go, I need to use my version of phone-a-friend to help me make a design decision: if you were my guest at the farm, would you want plush carpet in your room, or hardwood floor?

Wishing you all tranquility and peace and an abundance of restful sleep!

Sandy Sheldon

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