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My Quest For The Pampered Guest

Hello Everyone! It’s official - I’m in love with this house! This truly is a

dream project, and right now, I don’t want to wake up!

One of our goals here on the farm is to share its natural beauty, and to make it warm and welcoming for our family and friends.

The acreage is casting a spell on everyone who visits, so my job is to give the interior a dose of its own magic. One day, our overnight guests will arrive at the farm with two options for pampered slumber. One will be to trot on over to a comfortable guest room in the new “barn” (design ideas for that space coming soon). The other will be to bask in an updated version of yesteryear in this two-story stately lady. If they stay with us here in the main house, I’ll want them to feel like they’re staying in some high-end Wine Country B&B. Luckily, I’m working with a home graced with lovely bones and vintage charm that will allow me to offer just that.

Once inside, guests will ascend her circular staircase.

The staircase is bathed in natural light from a bank of 8 1/2 foot high original windows.

At the top of the stairs, they’ll have two options in guest rooms. Their first option will be to head to the right to the former master suite.

Their pampered stay will begin by basking in this generous sized master bedroom.

It's an ugly duckling now, but visualize it with all new surfaces.

This room is 18 ft. X 19+ ft. with 9 1/2 ft. ceilings. The same custom millwork that dresses the downstairs also frames this room’s windows and doors. Guests to this suite will gifted with a great view to the same trees and hills I showed you last week, plus an easterly view over the entrance drive and across the property to the future barn.

This area has two sizable his and hers closets with cedar shoe perches and plenty of space for any guest. This room has so much potential. Visualize: hardwood floors, a king bed draped in layers of soothing texture and muted color, and all the necessary accoutrements of a high-end hotel room. Leave this room and guests will enter their own private sanctuary complete with both a dressing room and bathroom.

I loved this area as soon as I saw it. I knew immediately I would not change the footprint because it screams charming B & B. I think it will be such a treat for guests to have their own dressing room. I imagine them dressing for dinner, floating down stairs to enjoy drinks under the portico, and then winding their way over to the future “Barn” for dinner and an evening of live music. (I’m an oldie at heart with one foot solidly planted in the formality of the South!)

More closet space greets them here in the dressing room.

Next is the bathroom.

I love this space. It has some of the best natural light in all of the house. It’s just riddled with character and I agree with those who have shared their opinion that the 1950’s pink and gray tile should stay; however, it’s just not possible to keep it. Unfortunately, these spaces have been subjected to continuous roof leaks over the years, and are home to corroded galvanized plumbing pipes, which need to be removed along with the other dated systems in the house. Also, although this tile has held up well for almost 70 years, it has signs of failure. When tile was installed that long ago the process of water sealing was not at the standard we have today. There is evidence on the ceilings below that these spaces have been leaking for some time. So, the last thing I want to do is keep this bathroom intact only to have it leak down into the beautiful new spaces I create downstairs. Which mean, unfortunately, the tile is out!

Some people might choose to tear down walls and combine the dressing room and bathroom for one grand spa-like retreat. However, I’m going to keep the unique layout with separate dressing and bathing and run with it.

The shower is minuscule so I’ll enlarge that, however, the rest of the footprint will stay the same. I see a simple, classic retreat begging people to slow down and relax.

The photo above is my inspiration for this space. I just love everything about it. I find it so calming I can almost feel my blood pressure coming down.

If you saw last week’s post with the desk, and today you see my appreciation for this space, you must think I have a thing for pink. I don’t really, or at least I haven’t in the past, but I like a challenge. (Although I did just do some Spring cleaning on my home page - you guessed it “pink”, check it out.) Pink is one of those colors you can easily get wrong, and it’s not usually applied in adult spaces. However, it is one of the most calming colors you can choose so I’m going to spread it around a little upstairs. It may or may not make the final cut in this space, but as of now it’s the front runner!

I have one more space in the upstairs to share with you next week, and then I’ll share a few spaces you haven’t seen yet downstairs. Then, we’re on to the exciting design of the new entertainment barn.

Thank you all for your comments and emails. You are truly enriching my experience here with your kindness and your enthusiasm for this project. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying the bounty of new growth and renewed hope that only Spring can bring. Wishing you a glorious week rich with laughter and fun!! Until next time . . .

Sandy Sheldon


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