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A Creative Space with a View Times Two

Hello Faithful Farmers, a sensational Sunday to you all!

Well, I set out on this journey thinking I wanted to completely change the vibe of this home. I also thought I would lean toward having an edge of modern, rustic. However, the more time I spend here, the more I love it. I can almost hear the original homeowner, Mercy, speaking to me through the walls begging me to keep what she loved. I’ve always had a bit of a babbling brook of traditional and classic style running through my veins, but the more I fall in love with this house, the small brook is quickly becoming the Amazon, flooding me with a desire for classic traditional. I’m finding myself pushing off the banks against the current of a new vibe and diving headfirst into what Mercy chose. Case in point is this third bedroom.

This room is at the front of the home upstairs with its windows framing a beautiful view of the trees and the hills beyond.

This room is going to be home to my creative endeavors - any project I work on in the future is going to happen right here in this room. It has no bathroom attached, but it has a generous sized walk-in closet. It tends to be on the dark side (not in a Star Wars kind of way but in a I’m-north-facing-under-a-portico kind of way) so proper lighting in here will be crucial. I may opt to install a skylight or solatube. Here is the layout I’m looking at for this space:

I’m the kind of person who likes light and bright spaces, so given this room tends to be dark, I’ve come up with the perfect solution for my daily supply of Vitamin D. In the sketch you’ll see my work space, and this is the view from that desk.

Voila! Light and bright looking through the stairwell and the tall windows and out to the rear courtyard. Problem solved - one room - two views - plenty of light.

So let’s get back to the river thing. I’m thinking of KEEPING IT! Now don’t judge me, but I’m thinking of “keeping the original wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling and doors and all the trim!” Ok, good, I said it.

If that’s not a one-eighty from what I was originally thinking I don’t know what is? It just kind of grew on me. Now let the “you’re crazy lady” comments come flying in. I do think I can keep it, save some money, give a nod to Mercy, and still have a beautiful and functional space. I’m crossing my fingers.

Green happens to be one of my all-time favorite colors. So appropriate enough, up on top of a shelf in this room’s closet there was a stack of books. One of the books caught my eye because it is an interior decorating book from 1939 titled “Decorating Is fun!” by Dorothy Draper. It also happens to be in the perfect shade of green to match this wallpaper, so I’ll get it color matched to use it in the space, perhaps at the back of this room’s open shelves.

To accommodate storage, I’ll have use of the walk-in closet, and I’ll also bring in custom book shelves and storage units. I’ll take the color of the wallpaper and run with it by bringing in a pink desk, off-white vintage cabinetry, and I’ll balance the bold color of the paper by bringing in a medium to dark hardwood floor. To finish the space, I’ll bring in a vintage glass chandelier.

I picture this home sitting up on top of this beautiful ridge engulfed in earth tones, however, in this room I’m going to make an exception - PINK is in!

This one room in the house will show my appreciation for what Mercy chose, and my desire to keep her vision alive. I can’t wait to hear your comments about the wallpaper. In thinking ahead, I may design a custom couch for this space. If this whole design idea goes bad, I can lay down on that couch, have a shrink come in, and get right to straightening out my brain! Wish me luck!

Before I go, I wanted to send out a big ole heart-felt THANK YOU to Meg McConahey from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. Meg recently wrote a story about my renovation adventure here on the farm. I have received such an outpouring of kind responses from people in the community who are excited about this property, and who are truly grateful it was saved from development. People are so interested in this project that, before our recent fundraising party even began, I gave home tours to those who weren’t able to buy tickets but wanted their glimpse of the home. Her story also helped our fundraising efforts for COTS homeless shelter, and it helped bring more awareness to the great work they do.

Thank you guys so much for following along. I really enjoy writing to you all. Sometimes while in the middle of creating a post, my mind wanders off to all of my subscribers. I think of how this person or that person may enjoy what I’m writing, and wonder what they might want to see next. I’m happy to say I’m getting quite a bunch of you and I look forward to engaging with you all in future posts. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Your grateful designer,

Sandy Sheldon Schedule



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