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An Interior Design Confessional

Hi Everyone! I think I may have been a treasure hunter in a previous life.

If you’ve been following my adventure from the beginning, you know I was left with a whole bunch of “stuff” by the previous owner. So much so that it’s taken a few, very large dumpsters to get it all removed. However, it’s done and the upside is that I’ve found some treasure. Now, I think it’s time I confess a few things.

Confession #1 - I love going through other people's stuff.

Don’t worry, your stuff is safe. It’s not within reaching distance for me after all! There is something about the hunt, the unexpected unique trinket at the bottom of a mountain of muck that gets me excited! A huge old trunk in the attic of my childhood home, left behind by a previous family, was IT for me. It had been there for many years before I discovered its bounty. I still remember the antique beaded belt, the tarnished silver hair brush, and the fabric embroidered fan like it was yesterday. It was definitely at the threshold of my creative prowess.

Confession #2 - I use books for something other than reading.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to read a good book, but have you ever noticed how wonderful they look as design elements in areas of your home???? Whether it's a home library,

Unknown source.

or just a few books placed strategically in a room,

Unknown source.

books add so much interest through color and texture. They are one of those accessories that play a dual role. Imagine how excited I was to find a whole Mount Everest of books in this Colonial’s stuffed-to-the-brim garage! Some date back to the 1800’s and sport a dusty, old leather cover. You’d think I discovered gold if you were in the vicinity of the garage the day I unearthed this trove!

Just a very few of the treasure.

Of course, this is one of my favorites. Interior design has changed over the last 70 years, however, the one constant is that making rooms beautiful will never go out of style!

Confession #3 - I love lots of color in interior design.

It seems normal when trying to decide on color choices for a room that you would go to your nearest fan deck or paint store and pick out a bunch of color swatches. Sometimes I do that, but more often than not, I go no further than the books on my shelves. I find that the fabulous display of colors in a library of books is more than enough inspiration for whatever project may be next in line. Let’s face it, a lot of time goes into designing the covers of books, so right from the get-go you have custom color and design detail right at your fingertips. Also, book covers give you larger sized swatches than those little squares in the paint store. And, using book covers means pounds of paper don’t end up in the landfill from discarded swatches. So I say: let book cover designers do the heavy lifting for you and use their creations as inspiration. Once you find a cover in the color you love, make sure it looks great in your room at various times throughout the day. This is important because paint colors change throughout the day depending on how much light your room receives, and the source of that light. Next, take it to your paint store to get it color matched, and Voila! You have your own custom paint color. Keep in mind, you’ll probably want to take the color down a few shades because color always looks darker when spread over a whole wall or an entire room.

I’ve grouped together some of the books from my new treasure to create color palettes to try in my rooms.

For this home's main floor, I'm leaning toward something similar to Option No. 1. This palette, with its punch of green and natural fiber rug, will invite the beautiful landscape outside to come on in through the original, large windows. It is very early in the game on this project so I'll leave my options open at this stage. Fabric, furnishings, and cabinetry will play a big role in determining my final colors, but I'm certain this treasure of books will lead me in the right direction.

But wait, that’s not all of it! I feel another confession coming on . . .

Confession #4. I almost always put black in a room.

To me, black just makes a room sing. It is such a rich neutral, and when used in large doses it can be dramatic. When used sparingly, it can be a little subtle exclamation point that guides your eye around the room. You probably noticed in last week’s kitchen elevations there was a good amount of black - in cabinet paint and a black enamel range, but I didn’t show you this:

I have always wanted to use soapstone on a project but I just haven't had the right room. So, this time I'm determined to find the right place. Somewhere, some how, soapstone will find its way into this home. I love it for its texture and durability. It's a soft stone that will get scratched and show some wear, but it's that type of patina I'm looking for on this project.

So there you have it. The mountain of books I’ve found are not only a colorful treasure, but a tool in my belt of interior design. Thank you for following me and learning that what started out as treasure pleasure in a trunk in the attic of my childhood home, has blossomed into a love affair not only with land, but with a house I’ll someday call home.

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