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Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen recipe: Old Fashioned Beef Stew. Go ahead and throw away all of those other beef stew recipes, because this is THE best Old Fashioned Beef Stew w/a Kick. To start, this recipe passes on the chuck roast or typical stew meat and goes straight to the London Broil for the most tender, texture rich beef for stew meat. After gently braising in olive oil, it's the addition of a kaleidoscope of ingredients that make for a deep, satisfying flavor, which is then kicked up a notch with a surprising cup of salsa to bring the heat. It's the perfect one-dish meal on a cold winter's night. Add a slice of sourdough bread with homemade butter and everyone will be asking for seconds. 

Note: I used a salsa homemade here on the farm. You can use any tomato-based medium salsa of your choice and get equally delicious results.

Old Fashioned Beef Stew.jpeg

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Old Fashioned Beef Stew - photo.jpeg
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