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Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen recipe: Mrs. C's Bison Lasagna. Who doesn't love a full-bodied, deeply satisfying serving of lasagna on a cold winter's evening, or any evening for that matter? Mrs. Colonial has all your taste buds covered. This recipe is rooted in grass fed bison and infused with a heavy dose of garlic paired with multiple cheeses for a one-scrumptious-bite- after-another type of experience. If you use a 14" x 10" baking dish like I do, the noodles fit perfectly. And speaking of noodles, make sure they're finished cooking right when you need them. If you can avoid needing to rinse them in cold water to keep them from sticking together, your lasagna will come out sturdier and ready to dish out cleanly after cooling. A perfect wine choice to enjoy with this dish is Trefethen Estate Grown 2018 Merlot. Enjoy!

Disclosure: Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen original recipes are typically about healthfully wealthy ingredients. This recipe contains a generous amount of dairy products so it doesn't fall in the "healthy" category. 

Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen Bison Lasagna
Mrs. C's Bison Lasagna - social.jpg
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