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Mrs. Colonial's Kitchen recipe: HARVEST APPLE PIE: I love harvest time, and I love plucking home grown apples straight from the garden. This apple pie is all about using apples at the peak of harvest and marrying them with the most amazingly flaky pie crust. To get the rich, flaky crust, I use both shortening and butter, and when mixing the dough, I work it using two knives, the least amount possible, instead of with a pastry blender. Next, cold butter straight from the fridge, iced water, and a cool carrara marble countertop to roll it out makes the perfect dough. I hope you enjoy this oh so satisfying, old fashioned Harvest Apple Pie. I thought of your health - the coconut sugar is low glycemic so you can even have seconds! (Note: I used a La Cornue oven which may bake differently than yours. Using a conventional oven, bake it between 50 - 60 minutes. Check during the last 20 minutes, you may need to tent the edges with foil to prevent it from getting to dark.) ENJOY!

Harvest Apple Pie.jpeg
Harvest Apple Pie Recipe.jpeg
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